In which I’m excited to look around

I have some vacation coming up on Friday and even though we’re not going anywhere, I’m pretty pumped about a four day week. Due to the nature of my program and the need to schedule vacation 6 months in advance I’ve sprinkled my remaining time off throughout these next few months. A few days here, a few days there of some needed rest and wanderings. Seattle is still so new to us, so I’m using this stay-cation as a great opportunity to explore our new corner of the world.

Picture from our road trip, somewhere in Wyoming.

Picture from our road trip, somewhere in Wyoming. Text from one of my favorite hymns. 


Inspiration for the above picture I made from here via Pinterest.


Welcome to our blog!

Jeff and I are so excited to head out west this summer and start our new lives in Seattle as newly weds! We’ve started this website so that our friends and family can keep up with our journey, see our pictures and keep up with us despite the time difference.

To recap the crazy past few months:

I matched for the three year MSD/MPH program in Pediatric Dentistry at UW in Seattle in January…

…we got married in March at the Duke Chapel…

… and had a fabulous honeymoon in The Bahamas…

…and in May I passed my boards and graduated from Dental School at UNC!

We are so fortunate for all these wonderful events and we’re excited to see where this next big step takes us!

P.S. I don’t always stand on the right and Jeff doesn’t always stand on the left despite what the picture above indicate…