In which I finally post some pictures from dental prom

(This post is for you, Bri!)

A month ago a bunch of residents went to what the rest of the UW dental school called something more formal like “Winter Gala”, but colloquially to us was called “dental prom”. I was super excited because it was going to be held at the Seattle Aquarium (octopi! otters!). Clearly based on the photos you can surmise there was an open bar and lots of fun.


We started off the night with dinner at Anthony’s on Pier 66 (the Aquarium is on Pier 59, so just a quick walk down).



Not only did we enjoy delicious seafood with great views of Elliot Bay at night, but were treated to the wonderful news that our dear friends Bri and Ian are engaged!!! So happy for them 馃榾



It was so much fun to have the aquarium to ourselves and we spent a good majority of the night waving at the otters and playing in the tide pools.

photo 1

Christine and I under the jellyfish





Matt, Jeff and Ian posing like the girls

Bri, Kat and Elise posing as the boys.

Bri, Kat and Elise posing as the boys.

Glenn, Steve, Christine and Nima in the photo booth

Glenn, Steve, Christine and Nima in the photo booth


So excited about Bri’s news!!

photo 4

Wall of Fish

Jeff and I spent the days leading up to prom singing excerpts聽from this song and getting excited – the night did not disappoint! We even won a $50 gift card to our favorite 聽TnT Taqueria in the silent auction. Can’t wait for next year 馃檪

In which we take a trip to the San Juans

The San Juan islands are located 2 hours or so north of Seattle, probably faster if the traffic isn’t bad. Bri, one of my co-residents and her boyfriend Ian were so sweet and invited us up to his family’s cabin on Decatur Island to spend the weekend. Even though the trip was too short we had an amazing time! A little time outside the city seemed to exactly what we needed.

There are no bridges to the islands so we drove up after work on Friday evening and took a ferry over in the dark. The next day Bri’s dad came up and took us crabbing on his fully outfitted, customized fishing boat. It was so much fun! Jeff and I’ve watched The Deadliest Catch for years and it was neat to live it out in miniature (and minus all the dangerous conditions of course).

The islands in the morning from the boat

Hauling in the first catch

Helping to pull in a crab pot

Jeff pulling in a crab pot

Sometimes we found creatures other than crabs hitching a free ride on a pot

Many legged star fish

I married him for his inner biology nerd 馃檪

If this was an octopus instead of a starfish and beer you might think we were at a certain hockey game

We can’t thank Bri’s dad enough for bringing up the boat and teaching us how to crab – what a fun day! Seriously we own that man a couple of packs of PBR. After dropping us back onto dry land we furthered our crab knowledge by getting a first hand lesson in cooking and cleaning the wild beasts. One had gotten a claw around my finger while on the boat and I was determined to cook him personally (they’re all “hims” – you must throw the females back).

I think these crabs are the first food I’ve “hunted’ and then eaten. Somehow the many gallons of fresh blackberries I’ve picked in my life and fistfuls of basil I’ve collected from the garden over the years don’t really compare to pulling a live creature smack out of what was probably a pleasant crabby morning and then devouring it. It just made the delicious fresh crab taste even better.

We spent the rest of the evening cooking, eating crab, learning to play bridge and cooking s’mores over a campfire (how can I have s’more of nothing? you’re killing me Smalls). The next day was gorgeous and Bri, Jeff and I walked around the island looking for otters and poking around in tide pools.


View out from Ian’s cabin

Its so much fun to explore a totally different Nature after spending years climbing around the foothills of Tennessee. There you used to have to worry about snakes and ticks, but here you’re just trying to keep your eye out for an otter, seal or sea lion. Both have lots of deer though!

What a wonderful, much needed getaway! Thanks Bri and Ian for being such gracious hosts!

Our amazing hosts – Bri and Ian and their dog Lola on the beach waiting for the ferry back

We can’t wait to go back and do some more exploring!