In which we give Thanks

Like I’ve said, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Food, friends, football, family – how can you hate on a holiday that involves everything good and self alliterates its attributes? It’s hard being 3,000 miles from most of our friends and all of our family, but the distance is mitigated by the fact that my co-resident Bri has graciously asked us to her home for the Big Meal. We’ve been asked not to bring anything, but I had to do a little insisting that Cranberry Apple Casserole be present, otherwise the whole day doesn’t count.

It’s hard to express my love for Cranberry Apple Casserole (or “cranapple casserole” or “cranberry apple stuff” – whatever you decide to call it). It has been present at Thanksgivings and Christmas brunches for as long as I can remember. Every time our dental school class got together for Thanksgiving this was what I brought and never left with any leftovers; when Jeff and I moved out West my aunt made it for us in May (with cranberries saved all the way ’til then for this express purpose); for my bridesmaids’ brunch on the day of our wedding my aunts lovingly included this on the menu. This is an important food in my life.


It’s easy enough to make – and yes, in the family recipe book it does count as a “Vegetable/Side Dish”, you know how we Southerners are.




This ingredient is important. Don’t go thinking you can substitute “apples and cinnamon flavor” (too much fake apple overpowers your real ones) or “maple and brown sugar” (you lose out on the cinnamon and whatever other magical thing is in the spice part). I had to buy two variety packs of oatmeal to come up with enough single packets of Cinnamon and Spice since they didn’t have a full box of it alone. That’s how important this part is.



I’m sure we’ll get some pictures after it’s baked, but until then, Happy Thanksgiving!!!


In which it’s (my favorite) month of Thanks

Some people love the Fourth of July for her fireworks and hotdogs. Some people can’t stand a year without the cold kiss of snowflakes, a Christmas tree and hot chocolate. Others need the sugar rushes of Halloween and Easter.

Me? I can’t love Thanksgiving enough. It’s all the best parts of Christmas (great food and good football) with none of the drama (what do I buy and for whom?). I can totally get behind a holiday that exists with the sole purpose of celebrating the joyful things in life, no matter how small, and commemorates the moment by eating a large delicious meal. Best. Holiday. Ever.

Goodbye October, welcome November. I can’t say November is my absolute favorite – every month (except August) has it’s high highs, but it falls in the glorious spectrum of Autumn which is a pretty great season.

I fully realize that thankfulness is a quality I need to exercise more throughout the year. Today though I want to say I’m thankful for Jeff and his willingness to not only move across a continent for me, but put up with my daily quirks and embrace them. I could never have imagined a better teammate.

Fall is lovely, isn’t it?