In which I make my own rooftop deck

Today was gorgeous. The Mountain was out in all her glory and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. Naturally I was hoping to soak up some sunshine, but Greenlake was super crowded. Many surrounding apartment complexes have rooftop decks built in for barbecuing, soaking in the sunshine, social events and sometimes even pools. Alas, ours does not, even though there is space for one (maybe since we’re more a bunch of condos than apartments?). One quick hop step over the barrier and you can make an entire part of the roof your own for some quality sunbathing:



The view isn’t great when you’re below the wall, but there was a lot of privacy and my vitamin D levels feel so much better topped off!

In which the sun still shines

I think if you don’t live in the northwest, some wintertime sun isn’t anything to write home about. But here, it seems like it started raining one day in October and never stopped, so bare with my iPhone photos of the sunshine. It brings warmth to my heart, a renewed faith that this isn’t the Noah’s Ark redux and some breath taking views of the snow capped mountains around us.



Other than some brief reminders that the skies won’t always be grey, it’s been back to sklerk (Jeff’s combination of “school” + “work”, but accurately spelled schlork).



And to end the day, one of my favorite groups singing one of my favorite hymns: Mumford & Sons – Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing