In which we visited the Tulip Festival

This weekend my dear husband was tricked into lovingly accompanied me up to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, about an hour and a half north of Seattle.  It was #4 on a BuzzFeed list of 29 surreal places in America and with it being one of the closest I felt compelled to check it out.


We left early Sunday morning to avoid the crowds and got there right when it opened. Good thing too because when we were headed back to Seattle around 10:30am, the exit off I-5 was backed up at least twenty minutes of us driving in the opposite direction.






The festival is set up at a driving tour throughout the valley, but we only got out at RoozenGaarde, a farm that ships tulips worldwide, year round. The pictures here make it seem like the fields stretch miles into the surrounding snow-capped Cascades, but they’re really only several acres, making it one of the few instances where the photos are perhaps better than real life.



In addition to tulips, the daffodils were just at the end of their bloom:





Once we had explored the open field (and as it was getting crowded with visitors), we headed across the street to RoozenGaarde’s display garden and visitor center. There they had more varieties of tulips than I knew even existed!


Jeff's favorites, "the fuzzy ones".

Jeff’s favorites, “the fuzzy ones”.

Display gardens

Display gardens

My favorites

My favorites


All in all it was a fun morning exploring and we made it back to Seattle before noon. I highly recommend going early (or on a week day) as it was packed by the time we left.




Sorry for what can only be described as a batch of landscape porn. Trust me when I say that I really did try to narrow down my pictures from the trip to only the really good ones.





In which I do a little repair

My sister gave me a pair of Toms two Christmases ago and they’ve been well worn. All the social goodness aside I love Toms because they’re comfortable on my ever worsening bunions and don’t require a lot of fuss. I wore the white lace ones during the reception for our wedding and they glide across a dance floor like a dream.

Well traveled. Well loved.

Well traveled. Well loved.

A couple of weeks ago I was at a dental CE day and across the parking lot from the conference center was a fabric store. I wandered in and while browsing some cute cotton duck fabric, remembered this awesome tutorial on how to repair your Toms. So here’s my cobbling experiment:

photo 4

Supplies: Well loved Toms, heavy weight fabric, denim iron on patches, fabric glue (I used Aleen’s fabric fusion), and pins. Optional: needle and thread for sewing a hem if you need one.

1. Wash and dry the front area where you’ll be patching. I scrubbed mine with a kitchen brush to knock off the dirt and let air dry.

2. Apply denim iron on patches per their instructions. As the previous tutorial states, you don’t want to put new holes in your repaired shoes. I found it easiest to fold a piece of paper and hold it against the patch from the inside so I wasn’t burning my hands. Rounded edges tend to stay down better and are easier to iron than squared ones.

photo 2

3. Spread fabric glue all over the front section and place the finished hem of some fabric against the diagonally finished line of the front section. I didn’t have any already hemmed fabric like the tutorial so I sewed two straightish lines to finish off my fabric. The raspberry thread made a nice, happy contrast. I found it easiest to pin the fabric here once I’d smoothed out the wrinkles to keep it in place.

photo 5

4. Slowly trim around the bottom edge and tuck it in against the sole of the shoe. I placed extra glue to help hold it in place and a knitting needle made a great tucker. For the front I folded the fabric like the original shoe, added some more glue for good measure and pinned down.

5. Let dry according to the fabric glue’s directions (mine was 2-4 hours).

photo 3

Welp, you can clearly see I needed to warm up on the sewing machine as the lines on the left one aren’t quite as straight as the ones on the right..

6. Wash the fabric glue off of everything you got it on.. which for me was a lot!

7. Go for a run and enjoy the beautiful spring while you wait.

Magnolia liliiflora against a cherished blue sky

Magnolia liliiflora against a cherished blue sky

8. Wear and enjoy!

Patched and ready for more adventures

Patched and ready for more adventures

photo 3

I didn’t end up patched the little bunion hole on the left one, mostly because the inside fabric is holding up well. For now I’ll leave it be. They’re nothing fancy, but they’ll be perfect for jotting across the street for coffee or browsing the farmer’s market next weekend.