In which we’re famous (okay, not really)

One of my favorite things of our wedding were our photographers – Geoff and Carolyn of Carolyn Scott Photography. They’re amazingly talented, sweet, sweet people (who also happen to be from Pittsburgh!). In recognition of their awesomeness they’ve been chosen as contributors to The Handcrafted Wedding Book by Emma Arendoski (available here from Amazon) – and one of their great pictures from our engagement shoot is in it!

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 8.37.13 PM

Our small bit of published fame

That’s our champagne! In the container I use for my spoons and spatulas! Wrapped in my grandmother’s flour sack table cloth! In print! Whoo hoo!

The original shot

The original shot

Jeff thought champagne would be great to pair with the cupcakes from Sugarland (that we ultimately ended up using for our wedding) and it helped us loosen up a bit. No one likes stiff engagement pictures. And, because I can (and because it’ll help put this in context), some gratuitous engagement picture shots:




In which I do a bit of decorating

So finals are finally over and I’m finally starting to process the excess amounts of caffeine out of my system. Jeff and I threw a cocktail party for some of my co-residents this past weekend (more on that later maybe), and it motivated us to kick into high gear all the projects we’ve been putting off. Mostly the ones I’ve been putting off. Jeff doesn’t have any projects.

We recently rearranged our bedroom so my desk would fit so I could study in quiet. Turns out Jeff and I don’t study well together – we’re too chatty. Being in this room more made me kind of sad of how bare it was so I decided to do some last minute decorating before our big party (even though people only saw it long enough to throw their coats on the bed).


photo 2

(yes, shambles, I know).




Old road map from the Jeep featuring one of my favorite drives between Asheville and Knoxville


Picture from Glacier National Park and a quote, “I like you because you like me and you don’t like very many things” that basically sums up Jeff and I.


Road map of the US highlighting our trip across from NJ to Seattle. Someone asked me what our fascination with yarn and twine was and to be honest, I have no idea..


All in all rounded off with some Shel Silverstein books, some transformer insulators from my aunt, a nice sturdy shelf, and a bridal portrait it makes a nice focal point of the room.

Sorry for the weird lighting in the pictures, I tried to make the fluorescence a little less harsh.