In which it’s beginning to feel like Thanksgiving

How is it mostly through November already? When planning things I’ve felt like Thanksgiving has been a moving target and now all of a sudden its snuck up on me and will be here next.week. Bring on the sweet potatoes, cranberry apple casserole and heaping loads of ham and tryptophan! I can tell it’s close, my heart is constantly swelling with gratitude and happiness.

A brief update:

photo 4

I’ve been on my cardiology rotation at SCH. So thankful there are heart docs out there because every time they asked me if I could hear the murmur I just kind of had to nod, smile and trust their judgement that it was there. I’ll stick with things I can see (like teeth), thank you.

We had some sunshine! And it's projected to go through the weekend!

We had some sunshine! And it’s projected to go through the weekend! But seriously, this fall hasn’t been as bad as last year and I’m very thankful for that (but it still doesn’t stop me from wanting to snap a picture of it though).

I wandered over to the main section of UW's campus for a talk by the esteemed Amy Cuddy. Her TED talk is here and it's worth a listen:

I wandered over to the main section of UW’s campus for a talk by the esteemed Amy Cuddy. Her TED talk is here and it’s worth a listen:

Suzzallo library on main campus makes me homesick for a certain Gothic Wonderland

Suzzallo library on main campus makes me simultaneously homesick and warmed my heart for reminding me about a certain Gothic Wonderland. Also Duke football is AMAZING!

This season is one of my favorite. Good food. Gratefulness. Fall smells. It’s just delicious. My dear mother instilled a solid sense of civic mindedness in us and since I can remember I’ve loved having opportunities to volunteer. My schedule recently hasn’t allowed me the flexibility to go exotic places or take part in large scale projects, but that’s the nice thing about giving, it can be done very well in your own backyard in very small amounts. You could argue that that just may be the best kind of volunteering.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.08.23 AMI joined the Junior League of Seattle this year as a Provisional and so far the experience has an amazing outlet for me. My mom was in Junior League in Knoxville once upon a time and I have cousins in the Memphis league. Far from being the petty organization portrayed in The Help, for me, it’s the perfect combination of fellowship with wonderful women and easy packaged opportunities to do good. On Saturday I helped out with a work crew at Green Plate Special installing their new garden space in Rainier Valley Seattle. They’re an organization that specializes in curriculum based food growing and cooking skills for middle schoolers. My public health heart just swooned.

Freshly dug carrots

Freshly dug carrots

photo 2

They’ve just moved to a fantastic new facility. We helped disassemble parts of the old garden and set up the new (pictured here

Seeds ready for planting.

Seeds ready for planting.

They asked us to do a crazy picture.. and um, this is what we came up with.

They asked us to do a crazy picture.. and um, this is what we came up with.

Also, sadly without pictures because I’m a dunce and forgot; Jeff and I got to catch up with our friend Rebecca Fairchild while she was in Seattle for work. On Friday we took her to one of my favorite places in Belltown, Local 360, and got a chance to reminisce about the 10 or so odd years it’s been since we were all freshman together in Bassett. Thanks for a fun evening Rebecca! And it was nice to meet your sweet friend Jen too! So because I sucked and didn’t get pictures, here’s some throwbacks:

Rebecca, Kuppy and I senior year at Duke

Rebecca, Kuppy and I senior year at Duke

Rebecca and I top row left, freshman dorm powderpuff football

Rebecca and I top row left, freshman dorm powderpuff football

In which Kuppy comes to visit

My roommate from college got a second round interview at Amazon this week and got to come visit us in Seattle! I tried my best to convince her to take the job with bribes of Starbucks, seafood and crafted beer – here’s hoping it worked!

After college Kuppy moved to Philly for a while and every so often I would get the chance to visit. She was an awesome hostess and always made me do the touristy things (see Exhibit A and B) so it was fun to return the favor in our new city!

EXHIBIT A: Kuppy and I waiting in the cold to see Independence Hall in Philadelphia (2008)

EXHIBIT B: The US’s oldest residential street, Philadelphia (2008)

When you move to a new city you spend the first few weeks exploring around, pretending like you’re a tourist and becoming acquainted with all the new things the area offers. After a while you start to settle into a routine and it’s only when friends visit that you remember – ah! I need to be a tourist here to see everything. Thanks for coming up to remind me of that Kuppers!

Our first stop was Pike Place Market – famous for the people who throw the fish, great stalls selling everything from souvenirs to fresh produce and flowers, and the Original Starbucks.

Famous Pike Place Market sign

The gum wall – ew!

The Market is home to a lot of weird touristy things, so it’s a good first stop. The gum wall is close by – and regularly ranks high in the top ten germiest places. Gross! Fortunately we hit this up first so we had time to regain our appetites for chai lattes from Starbucks and delicious chowder to warm up.

After her interview the next day I picked her up from downtown and brought her north to our apartment for dinner.

Stopping at Gas Works Park for a fabulous view of the city at night before dinner.

It’s been way too long since we’ve had a Kuppy-Jeff-Elise dinner party! You know you have such wonderful, good friends when so much time can lapse between these and you just pick right back up where you’ve left off. We’ll just have to keep the hiatuses much shorter though! Thanks for giving us a great excuse to finally use our wedding china!

Too soon it was time to say goodbye and send her back to Chicago. I tried one last time to bribe her to stay with the delicious locavore fare at Local 360 that Seattle is so fond of. Hopefully she’ll accept the job offer!

Delicious small plates!

Thanks for the trip Kuppy!!