In which here’s a bit of a favorite hymn

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On our wedding program I included the third verse from Praise the Source of Faith and Learning, the hymn written for Duke by Thomas Troger. Not only does it mirror a lot of my life, it’s beautiful in its rhyme and simple imperatives of thanks and praise:

Praise for minds to probe the Heavens; praise for strength to breathe the air
Praise for all that beauty leavens; praise for silence, music, prayer
Praise for justice and compassion; praise for strangers, neighbors, friends
Praise for hearts and lips to fashion: Praise for LOVE that never ends!

In which I stay dry

I don’t really shop for new clothes all that much as a resident. For one, our uniform of grey scrubs pretty much dictates what I’ll wear every morning – don’t get me wrong, when picking out an outfit at 5:30am I’m thankful all I have to do is make sure I grab a top and a bottom. And for two, since we’re new to Seattle all my old clothes are “new” to people here – yay unfamiliarity!

A year’s worth of walking combined with our wet weather has done a number on my business casual ballet flats and so today I ventured out to find a new pair. Our closest shopping area is University Village which reminds me of North Carolina’s Southpoint in number and types of stores except that IT IS ALL OUTSIDE! What moron built a shopping mall completely OUTDOORS in one of the rainiest places in the United States?!??!

Rainey Sunday

Rainey Sunday at UVillage

While dodging between stores in the deluge that was this Sunday afternoon I discovered that someone had either thought of this or come up with a solution a posteriori: free umbrellas everywhere.

Free Umbrellas

Free Umbrellas

The premise is you pick one up where you are if it starts raining and carry it to a store and leave it outside. Then you shop around and if you still need it, pick it up again and walk to where you’d like, leave it, shop and repeat as necessary. It’s how I imagine bike sharing programs in large European cities.

Rainey Sunday

Their bright yellow colors are a nice dose of sun. What an ingenious, dry solution to living in the rain!

Also: To get you in the mood for some holiday cheer, check out this Instagram from the Duke University chapel my friend Molly sent. If this doesn’t brighten your rainy Monday I don’t know what will. Love it!

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