In which here’s a bit of a favorite hymn

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On our wedding program I included the third verse from聽Praise the Source of Faith and Learning, the hymn written for Duke by Thomas Troger. Not only does it mirror a lot of my life, it’s beautiful in its rhyme and simple imperatives of thanks and praise:

Praise for minds to probe the Heavens; praise for strength to breathe the air
Praise for all that beauty leavens; praise for silence, music, prayer
Praise for justice and compassion; praise for strangers, neighbors, friends
Praise for hearts and lips to fashion: Praise for LOVE that never ends!

In which we make it one whole year!

Elise+Jeff (123)

Our first anniversary! It’s hard to believe it’s been an entire year since we were blessed with so much love and got to celebrate with all our friends and family at Duke Chapel. We’ve decided to alternate planning the celebrations for the big day and I drew to plan this year’s. Last night we had the best meal of our lives at Canlis, one of the nicest and oldest restaurants in Seattle. Even though I called a month ago we could only get reservations for 9:15p, but it ended up being perfect since our waiter gave us a private tour of the building after most of the other guests had left.

We continued celebrating today with pimento cheese biscuits and gravy (from the cookbook my mom sent us for our “paper” gift) with mimosas and cupcakes – yum!

photo 4

We didn’t save any cupcakes from our wedding (we left the next morning for our honeymoon and even if we’d been able to save them they probably would not have kept for our two week road trip across the country), but I picked up the same flavors from Trophy Cupcakes and a sparkler candle to top them off from the adorable Flourish in Greenwood.

photo 5

Salted Caramel + Neopolitan

It’s the paper anniversary, so Jeff took the wonderfully loose interpretation and got me a gift card for some much needed massages. Thanks, love! I got him some personalized, manly notecards and a journal that I decorated so we can record all the places we’ve been (27 states, 1 province and 3 countries so far!) and lived, and all the places we’d like to go.

photo 3

photo 1

We spent the rest of the day lolling on the couch, watching our wedding video and flipping through our wedding album. Perfect day 馃檪

Happy Anniversary Jeff! Can’t wait for all the many wonderful years to come!

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Last weekend in North Carolina

After our long crazy drive on Thursday we spent Friday and Saturday tying up loose ends in North Carolina.

We shipped most of our boxes on Friday – we think the total was around 25. Since at that exact moment we didn’t know if we had gotten our apartment in Seattle yet or not we shipped them to post restate or “General Delivery”. This is a handy feature of the Post Office if you need to ship something somewhere where you don’t have a particular address. They will hold the pieces for you up to 30 days and all you need is a picture ID to pick them up. Somewhere in Seattle around next Friday is a post office that is going to hate us…

We took all those boxes, plus a few more – and it only took us two trips in the Jeep!











There is聽something very freeing about knowing that all your worldly possessions can fit in three carloads (two trips to the post office + what we packed to bring with us on the road). We sold or gave away all our furniture (thank you craigslist!) and only brought with us or shipped clothes that we still wore regularly and fit well. Other items were kept either because of sentimental value (all our scrapbooks, Christmas ornaments, my hand sewn baby blanket) or it was something we needed to keep and shipping it was cheaper than buying a new one (Jeff’s golf clubs, my electric drill). Needless to say, when we get to Seattle there will be some much needed shopping sprees to nest our new home! Its actually really great to have this opportunity to start our new life together with new things – most of the larger items we had really weren’t worth keeping and this is the perfect excuse to replace them.

Since this was our last time in NC for a while it was a good excuse to put off some of the goodbyes til now instead of squeezing them in at graduation. I had a wonderful visit over Sugarland cupcakes with Jaime – mm, so good! I’ll miss our stadium runs and spin classes (okay, maybe not miss those, but definitely miss doing them with you!). Molly and I had a great morning walk around Duke’s East Campus one last time. The weather was perfect and we even got to visit our old haunt – Bassett!

聽Josiah and I tried to go to Sakura Express on Franklin street for one last meal of hibachi – but it was closed! This place was our staple for late nights studying in the HSL and for mental health breaks between memorizing hundreds of drugs for pharm. In a pinch we went to a similar place in Meadowmont, but although it wasn’t quite the same, the sentiment was there. Josiah and I got each other through dental school and because of him I was able to travel to Kenya last summer on rotation. It will be so different studying without him, but I’m glad that the end of dental school doesn’t mean the end of our friendship, but rather starts our lifetime as colleagues.

After the long weekend of goodbyes it was great to take time to celebrate Jillian and Andrew’s wedding at Duke Chapel! Jeff and I kept joking that going to this wedding was so much easier this time since all we had to do was show up!

Reception at the Nasher Museum of Art

So happy for the new Fitzpatricks!

Love iPhone photos 馃檪

Congrats Jillian and Andrew!!!


Welcome to our blog!

Jeff and I are so excited to head out west this summer and start our new lives in Seattle as newly weds! We’ve started this website so that our friends and family can keep up with our journey, see our pictures and keep up with us despite the time difference.

To recap the crazy past few months:

I matched for the three year MSD/MPH program in Pediatric Dentistry at UW in Seattle in January…

…we got married in March at the Duke Chapel…

… and had a fabulous honeymoon in The Bahamas…

…and in May I passed my boards and graduated from Dental School at UNC!

We are so fortunate for all these wonderful events and we’re excited to see where this next big step takes us!

P.S. I don’t always stand on the right and Jeff doesn’t always stand on the left despite what the picture above indicate…