In which I know they’re going to do great

My co-residents are taking the AAPD written boards tomorrow and checking off one giant item from the graduation to-do list. I’m sad I won’t be in the trenches with them, but I know they’ve been studying hard and will do beyond awesome. Good luck y’all!!!

CPD faculty and staff helped us wish them good luck :)

CPD faculty and staff helped us wish them good luck 馃檪

In which we MATCHed new residents!

MATCH day was Monday and I’m so excited to welcome a new class of excellent residents to UW! They’re the last class I’ll get to be co-residents with, so they hold a special place in my heart (though who are we kidding, I love all my co-ressies so much and they all have special places). Between the residency interview process and the Duke Alumni interviews I’ve been conducting over the past few weeks, I’m very thankful that I’m not on that end of either application cycle. So excited to meet our new co-ressies in June!

photo 3

From us: Kari, Ian, Matt, Jane, Karin, Tiara, myself, Kat, Gloria, Karen and Bri – WELCOME! We’ll try to find some sunshine before you get up here.