In which there’s new biscuits and love

When I was little we had a well played cassette of Raffi with children’s songs on it. My saintly mother would let us listen to it over and over and over again; a feat I’m sure that would drive a lesser person to infanticide. We played that cassette so much I’m surprised we didn’t wear through the thin, magnetic ribbon. I’m sure the lyrics are etched into my soul. Now, decades later, I had one of those songs in my head as I was making biscuits on this rainy Seattle morning:

Biscuits in the oven gonna watch ’em rise,
Biscuits in the oven gonna watch ’em rise,
Biscuits in the oven gonna watch ’em rise,
Right before my very eyes.

photo 3

I felt like I was cheating on my grandmother’s recipe, the one from the back of the White Lily bag. But since you can’t find those extra tall bags here anyway and we had the ingredients on hand, I made cream biscuits from this delicious blog I’ve been reading. They were much lighter than their heavy ingredients implied they might be and went well with last summer’s blackberry jam:

photo 4

An update to the Blue Devil Love Post: We were featured on Duke’s Valentine’s Day pop-up site and their Instagram. Between this and winning the radio show the other week I’m feeling like I’ve pseudo-mastered the social media world. Just kidding, I still get lost on the twitters.

photo 1

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