In which there’s Blue Devil Love

I got to spend a break today with Jeff on the couch, cheering on Duke men’s basketball against Boston College. As we settled in after our boys (finally) started to pull away in the second half (the first was not conducive to snuggling, the score was way too close. We had to yell), I thought how grateful I was we could appreciate this together. Our boys. Our college. Our Duke.

The lyrics of one of my favorite songs by The Hold Steady, You Can Make Him Like You, goes

You don’t have to go to the right kind of schools
Let your boyfriend come from the right kind of schools
You can wear his old sweatshirt
You can cover yourself like a bruise

I think I love this so much because I’m not that girl. Our schools are the same, and they’re pretty much like the right kind of schools. I am so fortunately to not have to be that girl. We’re not sweatshirt people, but I have an old Duke one shoved in the back of the closet somewhere. If Jeff owned one, his would probably look pretty much the same: dark, well-worn navy with large white block lettering.

(Does this sound pretentious? Forgive me if it does – it’s just a tie in to the rest of the post, it’s supposed to add to the story. I don’t mean it to be bragging, it’s just a thought I hold on to like a small talisman in my back pocket for when I don’t feel like I’m having a very smart week: “I was good at life once”. It doesn’t mean anything.)


Today the University send out a request for Blue Devil Love stories and I’ve loved reading the responses. I appreciate a good origin story and so many real life fairy tales started under those Gothic arches. I couldn’t bring myself to submit ours, it seemed too much. I did however send in a picture collage of the five couples from our freshman dorm that ended up getting married (and we now count among us a set of beautiful twin girls and another girl on the way as future Blue Devils):


Clockwise from top left: Mili and Advait, myself and Jeff, Jeff and Meredith, Matt and Megan, and Joe and Felicia

I speak for all of us when I say thank you to the Resident House and Life lottery that put us all together.

First stop - Bassett dorm on Duke's East Campus where Jeff and I met :)

First stop – Bassett dorm on Duke’s East Campus where Jeff and I met 🙂

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