In which there’s 12th man fever

It’s finally here, the day that’s been hyped for the last two weeks: Super Bowl Sunday! This is the first time I’ve lived in a city with a football team I could claim as my own. I was in high school getting ready to leave for college when we got the Titans and when I was in North Carolina, the Panthers had too many resemblances in color and name to UNC so I couldn’t bring myself to cheer for them. At best I cheered for the Steelers since Jeff grew up in Pittsburgh and I liked to keep a happy relationship. Now having moved out here, I feel like I can finally adopt the Seattle Seahawks team as my own.

Unfortunately I'm on call, but I'm hoping that the both the Seahawks and I have good luck this evening during the game.

Unfortunately I’m on call, but I’m hoping that the both the Seahawks and I have good luck this evening during the game.

These past two weeks in 12th man fever has turned this city into a small town. Signs, bought and homemade, abound on buildings and hardly anyone talks about anything else. Our little old neighbors have been flying a 12th man flag for two weeks now off their balcony. They’ve renamed Mt. Rainer to Mt. Seattle Seahawks. Issaquah, a nearby town is now 12saquah. Every time I see the flag on top of the Space Needle, my heart swells a little.

12 lit up on a dorm at UW

12 lit up on a dorm at UW

Roundabout in our neighborhood decorated in blue and green

Roundabout in our neighborhood decorated in blue and green

UW tower lit up in a 12. Forgive the picture, it's part of my artistic series of blurry iPhone photos.

UW tower lit up in a 12. Forgive the picture, it’s part of my artistic series with a blurry iPhone theme.

Even our local aquarium otter is getting in on the action this morning (though maybe it should be devouring a Bronco logo instead? Also, the fact that there’s a website called the is AMAZING) :

On Friday I was taking a break from running code for class and decided that a coffee would really help things along. I drove to the local Starbucks and absentmindedly was listening to our local NPR station when they asked the question, “What is the nickname for Seattle’s defensive backs?”


In my head, I had already answered Legion of Boom before they gave the choices when I parked and turned off the car. I turned it back on quickly, wondering what the contest was and caught the number to call. I did and to my surprise a nice woman answered and asked if I knew the correct choice. When I gave her the answer she said that I had qualified for the weekly news quiz and I should make myself available in 20 minutes to be on the air! Ahh! I forgot about getting the coffee and raced home to study potential Seahawks questions and have Jeff nearby incase there was a stumper.

All my preparation was for naught because the questions were much harder than the ones I had anticipated (like “Who is the head coach?” “Which Seahawk is legally deaf?” “What division do the Seahawks play in?” – QUESTIONS I KNEW THE ANSWERS TO!), but I guessed well and got 2 out of 3. You can hear the radio interview here – the pauses are where Jeff and I are looking at each other and shrugging.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 5.21.37 PM

Unfortunately my prize was not an all expense paid trip to the Super Bowl this afternoon, but I think the reward of being featured on their Facebook page photoshopped as a giant over the city  is a close second. Plus, I got to say “Go Seahawks!” on the radio the Friday before the Super Bowl which is pretty awesome. Thanks for letting me play, KUOW!

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 5.22.25 PM

I was talking via Voxer to my little brother this morning and he’s getting up at 4am Afghanistan time to watch the contest. I feel very similar to him, that if I wasn’t so caught up in 12th man fever in my new adopted city, I would be wearing some different colors this afternoon:

photo 4

I’ve loved Peyton since he played for Tennessee and he’s an excellent guy. It’s going to be a tough match up, and I have some orange in my blood, but my shirt and heart this afternoon are blue and green. Let’s go boys!

One thought on “In which there’s 12th man fever

  1. I think your 12th man won tonight!! Hope it was quiet on the pager and you got to enjoy the game!!

    Sent from my iPad

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