In which I make pumpkin muffins

We had some crazy fog today – it was clear above, you could see the mountains, but barely the city. From my friend’s Instagram:


Instead of putting any real effort into making a costume for the weekend, I made pumpkin muffins instead:



I haven’t had a lot of pumpkin-y things this October, partly because Starbuck’s PSL campaign resulted in such a let down of a drink and Trader Joe’s has lost its ever loving pumpkin mind (pumpkin body scrub? really?). But these were perfect and delicious.

One thought on “In which I make pumpkin muffins

  1. They look yummy!! I made Stephanie’s famous pumpkin roll a few weeks ago!! without her help! LOL Stay warm. Have enjoyed Charlotte’s long break visit and we were in Memphis visiting your grandparents. Of course they didn’t want us to leave due to the over amount of card playing we got in. Also enjoyed your mom over last weekend too. Love you all!! Can you say it’s hot chocolate and bailey’s weather!! try it you will like it!!

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