In which the Mountain was out

You may have the mistaken impression from my pictures that it’s always sunny here in Seattle and all my whining is superfluous. I assure you, it’s not. It’s just that I haven’t strengthened whatever gene these Seattleites posess to go do everything in the rain and be happy about it. We do do things in the rain (if we didn’t, we’d never leave the apartment)- the Ballard Market this weekend for example. I just am so rarely moved to pull out a camera (or phone) to document the longest deluge of my life.

photo 3

Mt. Rainier from the University of Washington campus


But when the sun does shine here it moves me so. I stop my run, pull out my iPhone and just snap a picture to try and convey it. This has what living in slow Chinese water torture has done to me – I’m compelled to document the cloudless sky. Forgive me, it’s too, too pretty not to.

photo 2

Cascades range and Mt. Rainier over I-5.

And the Mountain.. when she is out it’s all I can do to look away. Not only does she take up a vast part of the skyline – in an incredible way that only a telephoto lens could give you a good grasp on, she is ultimate witness that the skies are indeed as clear as they can be.

photo 5

My phone washes this out, but the white space in the middle is full of mountain.


Where ever we end up from here, I’ll never take the sunshine for granted again.

photo 4

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