In which we’re famous (okay, not really)

One of my favorite things of our wedding were our photographers – Geoff and Carolyn of Carolyn Scott Photography. They’re amazingly talented, sweet, sweet people (who also happen to be from Pittsburgh!). In recognition of their awesomeness they’ve been chosen as contributors to The Handcrafted Wedding Book by Emma Arendoski (available here from Amazon) – and one of their great pictures from our engagement shoot is in it!

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 8.37.13 PM

Our small bit of published fame

That’s our champagne! In the container I use for my spoons and spatulas! Wrapped in my grandmother’s flour sack table cloth! In print! Whoo hoo!

The original shot

The original shot

Jeff thought champagne would be great to pair with the cupcakes from Sugarland (that we ultimately ended up using for our wedding) and it helped us loosen up a bit. No one likes stiff engagement pictures. And, because I can (and because it’ll help put this in context), some gratuitous engagement picture shots:




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