In which the dentist goes to the dentist

When I was really young (pre-K, back when a visit to the pediatrician was a regular thing) I was mildly obsessed with where doctors went when they had to go see the doctor. Can one see oneself? Is that allowed? I know, I know, I was a weird kid.

But fast forward twenty years or so and now as a board-certified, licensed, honest-to-God dentist, where does one go? Does one go? Can’t I just take some x-rays on myself and call it good? Also does it matter that I haven’t been to see a dentist since I was on my parents’ insurance at least seven years ago? Eek. Embarrassing! To back up my rationalizing, in dental school plenty of classmates looked in my mouth, I do a good job with my Sonicare, and I floss a majority of nights out of the week, but still.. yikes. Hypocrite central. Plus, we’ve got some great insurance right now so we might as well take advantage of it!

Elise Sarvas 1-16-2013

So with the new year I made Jeff and I appointments at a dentist who came recommended by some people from work (I mean, what better recommendation for a dentist that one that comes from other dentists?). Then though I was even more anxious: Do you tell a dentist that you are also a dentist? Or do you just let it go? Which is more awkward?? My first thought was to just show up, not mention I was in dentistry as well and just see how it went, but Jeff blew that for me by telling him at his appointment that his wife was a dentist.

Note to self: Pretty awesome dental book to add to the collection!

Note to self: Pretty awesome dental book to add to the collection!

It ended up not mattering at all; Nikole O’Bryan and her staff were just so delightful and awesome. She did a very thorough exam and the assistant even emailed me my FMX (full mouth series) so I could keep it. Very professional, extremely nice people. I was impressed 🙂 So here hopefully ends my streak of not getting regular check-ups and living up to what I’ve been harping on to my patients. Yay! But seriously folks, make a dental appointment if it’s been awhile.. we can check more than your teeth and screen you for even scarier systemic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, oral and other certain types of cancers).

And yay for no cavities (for me or Jeff)!


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