In which it’s a Happy New Year!

Jeff and I rung in 2013 downtown with our friends Symon and Ashley, plenty of champagne and great views of the Space Needle fireworks:


And then to welcome in the brand new year, Mother Nature gave us the gift of a sunny day. I’d been wanting to show Jeff Discovery Park out in Magnolia since I had driven through it when I was up last year for my interview and the sunshine seemed to be the perfect excuse to go.

We were joined by several hundred dozen other Seattleites out there soaking in some Vitamin D after being cooped up for so long under grey skies, but it was worth it to catch a glimpse of The Mountain in January.




This picture does not do Rainier justice. I need a telephoto lens.

DSC_0007I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, because they’ve always seemed a bit silly to me. If you want to start working out in October, what’s the point of waiting two months for an arbitrary day to do it? That being said it is always nice to take some stock of where you are and adjust any of the many directions that may need it. So to that end, in 2013 I look forward to writing, reading, exploring, and connecting more; eating, playing, and dressing well; and ultimately offering a better version of myself.

Get in here 2013, you’ve got some big ol’ wonderful shoes to fill!


Puget Sound from Discovery Park

One thought on “In which it’s a Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you and Jeff! Glad the sun came out has been pretty dreary around here also! Can’t wait to see Mt. Rainier in person this summer. May 2013 bring you both much happiness in everything you do. Love you, Aunt T

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