In which Jeff has a birthday

Merry (almost) Christmas!!

We’re celebrating with our friends and family from afar this year since I’m on call over the holidays. Unfortunately this also meant being on call on Jeff’s birthday yesterday, but fortunately after a very busy Saturday in the ED, the pager gods gave us reprieve enough to celebrate.

We started the day off with cupcakes from the nearby Trophy Cupcakes – so delicious! They remind us of the cupcakes from Sugarland in Chapel Hill that we had for our wedding. There were too many choices, but I finally settled on the buy two, get two special of chocolate peanut butter, brandy eggnog, salted caramel and red velvet. They even gave me a complimentary candle for the birthday boy:

photo 4

Brandy eggnog

Then brunch over at The Elysian at his request:

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 1.49.15 PM

Birthday mimosa

After a nice lazy day of watching Christmas movies we headed out to dinner, but not before checking Seattle Children’s ED board to make sure no dental emergencies were on their way in:

Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 12.58.53 PM
All clear!

For his birthday I’d been planning on taking him to the Walrus and the Carpenter in Ballard, a restaurant I ran across while reading an article on the revival of heirloom oysters. They’re open daily after 4p and they don’t take reservations, and I naively thought arriving at 4:13p would be okay. Silly me. We were told to go have a drink and come back in an hour so we trudged down the street to wait out the rain and oyster line at the Ballard Loft.

The wait turned out to be totally worth it. We sat at the bar and had some of the best food we’ve eaten in Seattle to date.

photo 5

It’s a cozy place, not somewhere you’d try to eat with more than four people together. The staff was so knowledgable about exactly where the food came from on their daily changing menu that it reminded us of a Portlandia episode.

photo 6

We splurged on two dozen oysters (four of each kind), steak tartar, bread and butter, yarmuth nonna cheese with prune jelly and fried brussels sprouts.

photo 2

oyster varieties of the evening

And then we indulged in another dozen of our favorites: the Barron Points, Hamahamas, and the Malaspinas. Ahh, to paraphrase a Travel + Leisure article: Those evocative names, derived from actual locales: Pemaquid! Skookum! Tatamagouche! …does any food pack such a powerful sense of place?

photo 3

These west coast varieties are distinctly different from the oysters we’ve slurped on in New Jersey and North Carolina; stronger in flavor and less subtle, they pack a powerful aromatic punch. So, so delicious.

photo 1

Jeff declared it a great birthday and a perfect way to become 28. I’d like to thank the children of the greater Seattle area for behaving themselves and not injuring any teeth so we could celebrate.

photo 8

Happy birthday love! Here’s to many more!

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