In which we go to the Fremont Sunday Market

We’ve been meaning to check out our local flea markets for a while now, but the intention to go always comes on a Wednesday and by the time the weekend is half gone we remember that’s what we wanted to do. Fortunately the Fremont market is on a Sunday so you can forget on Saturday and still make it.

It was full of flea market kitsch, typical street fair vendors and food trucks – perfect for a lazy Sunday morning perusal.

I almost bought an old National Geographic map of Africa with old names like Rhodesia, Belgian Congo and Tanganyika. I’m not exactly sure why I put it down and now that I think about it I might go back next week and actually get it.

We finished off our mini-day with passion fruit ginger ale and sharing a crepe from a food truck:

The prosciutto and brie crepe from Crisp Creperie was delicious! It was a perfect Sunday morning to take in some rare winter sunshine here.

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