In which we get our first Christmas tree!

Jeff and I have certainly spent some Christmases together, but this is our first married Christmas so we’re trying out a bunch of fun new things to see if they will become “our” traditions. First on the list: picking out and cutting down a Christmas tree ourselves. Live trees are something we both had when we were younger – before artificial trees looked decent enough and before our parents had lost the extra large amount enthusiasm required to care for a seven foot tall house plant in the midst of an already crazy season. Our family took it even one step further and for a few years had live trees with the roots in a ball at the bottom to replant later on in the yard. Between my little brother’s asthma necessitating less allergens and Jeff’s cats climbing all up in and knocking over his, neither of us has had an actual tree in a decade or two.

But this year we are young and crazy enough to think it’s a great idea.

On Bri’s family’s advice we schlepped up to Paterson’s Lazy Acres Tree Farm in Arlington, WA. I was hoping for snow like their website’s picture, but we settled for a fair amount of rain instead. Bonus points though: they had free cider and a tree bagging service!

We searched through the entire farm for the perfect one. This is not a perfect one. This is what Charlie Brown would pick.

This is a good one!

I told Jeff it didn’t count unless we chopped it down ourselves

Tree successfully procured!

After we got it home it was time to decorate! New tradition #2: Trimming the tree with a bottle of champagne!

We tried to watch Elf, but kept getting too distracted to pay enough deserved attention to it. So we settled for the Duke game (76-71 over Louisville!) and a This American Life recording with David Sedaris’s Santaland Diaries about when he worked as an elf at Macy’s.

We went with a silver, green and blue theme. Also included are all the glass ornaments my parents have given me since I was little.

As we collect ornaments ourselves it’ll get prettier – but not bad for some first timers!

To round out our nascent Christmas decoration collection I painted some canvases to hang in the hallway:

More pictures to come as we get the place set up!

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