In which Molly comes to visit!

After the novelties of pumpkin flavored everything has long since worn off, but you have too much work to do to fully enjoy the Thanksgiving feast hearkening upon you, the rains tend to get you a little down. Is there any better sunshine to claw through the late Fall gloom than a friend coming to visit? I think not.

In steps Ms. Molly, my Chapel Hill walking partner, official therapist and bridesmaid to the rescue. She had a conference this weekend fortuitously scheduled in Seattle and I loved having her here as our first official houseguest! Between her sessions downtown (including one with Ms. Sandra Day O’Connor!) we got in some nice long walks around Green Lake and some late night catch ups over our favorite meal of Trader Joe’s appetizers and wine.

On Saturday night we took her to the third Seattle Underground Market and I appreciate her adventurous spirit in joining us to a semi-legal full on foodie rave. This time the organizers didn’t disappoint in choosing the sketchiest location possible: on old warehouse in the SoDo neighborhood near the Old Rainier Brewery.

The entrance was marked only by that small orange sign on the door reading, “SUM”.

Once we made our way in (complete with need for a “secret passphrase”) I was surprised how many people  bought the “early tickets” that began at five. I blamed people like our friend Symon who brought extra guests to this one and he rightly blamed me for blogging about it. Duly noted. If you’re reading this for the first time, please come late!

We immediately got in line for the wontons that we didn’t want to wait for last time. I have no pictures because I was too busy eating the delicious Lobster, Mac-and-Cheese with bacon and Gyro flavored fried concoctions. The Gyro wonton served with tzatziki was the best, but they all were delicious and totally worth the wait in the longest line there.

Other notable foods:

Cake pops! Favorites: The Lemon and Pumpkin flavors

Osso Buco empanadas? Omg, yes!

Delicious ice cream by The Spoon Project – the brown sugar walnut was totally worth the diabetes I’m going to develop

The face should make you want to buy a sampling of all The Spoon Project’s flavors.

Ms. Plummy’s was next to the wonton stand, so I felt bad for them that they weren’t getting the love that the wonton line was getting. On tasting their “Run Down” – good Lord, that was my favorite food of the night!

Fryin’ up some Run Down dumplings

The soda people were back! We sampled the grapefruit and also the pear – omg, such a great compliment to all the other delicious food.

Another favorite: popcorn shrimp – not what you’re thinking, but SHRIMP WITH POPCORN IN IT. MIND BLOWN.

Thanks for being so food adventurous with us Molly!

Afterwords we picked up Kuppy who had had a long day of those Amazon kids schmoozing her and trying to get her to take their job offer. It was so amazing to have TWO of my best friends in our Seattle apartment AT THE SAME TIME. How could I get so lucky??

Unfortunately Sunday morning came fast and it was time to say goodbye. Thanks for coming all the way out here and making our lovely Seattle rain a lot more sunny!

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