In which it’s (my favorite) month of Thanks

Some people love the Fourth of July for her fireworks and hotdogs. Some people can’t stand a year without the cold kiss of snowflakes, a Christmas tree and hot chocolate. Others need the sugar rushes of Halloween and Easter.

Me? I can’t love Thanksgiving enough. It’s all the best parts of Christmas (great food and good football) with none of the drama (what do I buy and for whom?). I can totally get behind a holiday that exists with the sole purpose of celebrating the joyful things in life, no matter how small, and commemorates the moment by eating a large delicious meal. Best. Holiday. Ever.

Goodbye October, welcome November. I can’t say November is my absolute favorite – every month (except August) has it’s high highs, but it falls in the glorious spectrum of Autumn which is a pretty great season.

I fully realize that thankfulness is a quality I need to exercise more throughout the year. Today though I want to say I’m thankful for Jeff and his willingness to not only move across a continent for me, but put up with my daily quirks and embrace them. I could never have imagined a better teammate.

Fall is lovely, isn’t it?

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