In which Kuppy comes to visit

My roommate from college got a second round interview at Amazon this week and got to come visit us in Seattle! I tried my best to convince her to take the job with bribes of Starbucks, seafood and crafted beer – here’s hoping it worked!

After college Kuppy moved to Philly for a while and every so often I would get the chance to visit. She was an awesome hostess and always made me do the touristy things (see Exhibit A and B) so it was fun to return the favor in our new city!

EXHIBIT A: Kuppy and I waiting in the cold to see Independence Hall in Philadelphia (2008)

EXHIBIT B: The US’s oldest residential street, Philadelphia (2008)

When you move to a new city you spend the first few weeks exploring around, pretending like you’re a tourist and becoming acquainted with all the new things the area offers. After a while you start to settle into a routine and it’s only when friends visit that you remember – ah! I need to be a tourist here to see everything. Thanks for coming up to remind me of that Kuppers!

Our first stop was Pike Place Market – famous for the people who throw the fish, great stalls selling everything from souvenirs to fresh produce and flowers, and the Original Starbucks.

Famous Pike Place Market sign

The gum wall – ew!

The Market is home to a lot of weird touristy things, so it’s a good first stop. The gum wall is close by – and regularly ranks high in the top ten germiest places. Gross! Fortunately we hit this up first so we had time to regain our appetites for chai lattes from Starbucks and delicious chowder to warm up.

After her interview the next day I picked her up from downtown and brought her north to our apartment for dinner.

Stopping at Gas Works Park for a fabulous view of the city at night before dinner.

It’s been way too long since we’ve had a Kuppy-Jeff-Elise dinner party! You know you have such wonderful, good friends when so much time can lapse between these and you just pick right back up where you’ve left off. We’ll just have to keep the hiatuses much shorter though! Thanks for giving us a great excuse to finally use our wedding china!

Too soon it was time to say goodbye and send her back to Chicago. I tried one last time to bribe her to stay with the delicious locavore fare at Local 360 that Seattle is so fond of. Hopefully she’ll accept the job offer!

Delicious small plates!

Thanks for the trip Kuppy!!

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