In which we’re the worst foodies ever

Call it being too busy with residency and a job. Call it distraction with our new weather pattern. Call it just not paying attention. Whatever the reason we totally missed that it was the Fall run of Restaurant Week in Seattle. Omg, how can you not love a city that not only has a Restaurant Week, but a Fall AND Spring run of it. To top it off it’s really more like TWO weeks of deliciousness! Twice a year! Do the math – that is almost a whole month devoted to great food at even better prices. Good lord this city is going to make me fat.

From the site

When I learned we were coming out here last winter I actually did look up to see if there was a Restaurant Week because I’ve enjoyed Raleigh’s so much in the past. I found out we missed it by a month or two, so I marked the calendar for the 2013 Spring run – NOT KNOWING THERE WAS A FALL VERSION. Lesson learned.

We made reservations at La Spiga this evening since Jeff was craving Italian food. Its decor and ambiance totally live up to its Capitol Hill location – open dining in a converted loft space with large windows and a huge bar. The waiters and waitresses whose waif like forms are even more so in their all blacks, were kept busy with the crowd running from one end of the hardwood floors to the other. The service was slow, but I was willing to put that aside for a chance to try a delicious Emilia-Romagna three course meal for only $28.

Stolen from La Spiga’s website. I hate taking iPhone pictures of my food in a crowded restaurant – somehow it totally ruins the atmosphere for me.

For the first course we shared the Butternut Squash Flan and the Roasted Marinated Eggplant; the main we split the Tagliatelle (house made!) with Prosciutto Ragu and the Six Layer Spinach Lasagna; all topped off with the Panna Cotta with Wild Berry Sauce and their house Tiramisu. I know, I know.. I’m hungry again just writing all these vowel heavy Italian words. Everything was so good – it was hard to choose a favorite. I had the wine pairings with each course, which true to their reviews on other sites complemented the dishes perfectly. We’ll definitely be back again this place was so good; I know it was perfect when the meal satisfied my Northeastern raised husband’s Italian craving.

In the Spring we’ll have to plan out our experience of the city’s best restaurants more strategically, but this was a perfect introduction to fine Seattle cuisine.

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