In which I have a new favorite witch

Jeff and I went to go see Wicked this Thursday – best musical ever! It was beyond good. I’ve seen some off Broadway productions of Cats (Knoxville) and Phantom of the Opera (Nashville, 1999?) by some great touring companies in the past, but this musical was nothing short of spectacular. Let me put this in perspective – I read the original Phantom book, listened to the CD for several years before seeing it and cried lots of tears when it was over (some people were rude and pointed) and I thought Wicked was even better. It was that good.

We went with one of our Duke friends, Symon and his girlfriend Ashley. She had picked a perfect pre-show restaurant,  La Lot in downtown for some yummy vietnamese food and then we walked down to the Paramount theater. It’s an adorable venue and reminds me  of a bigger version of the Tennessee theater.

The almost falling asleep in class the next morning was totally worth such an amazing night!

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