In which I eat and craft a lot

Jeff left on Thursday for our friends Erica and Sev’s wedding in Pittsburgh, so I was solo this weekend. On Friday we had a resident’s Fun Friday potluck cookout combined with a baby shower for our co-resident Christine. Kudos to her – I couldn’t imagine having a baby during residency; Jeff and I are trying out the whole “taking care of another living thing” on our recently purchased mint plant for the time being (speaking of.. should probably water that before he gets back…). Christine already has a lot of girly things to pass down to the new baby, so I decided to make the new little brother a more manly (but cute) baby blanket.

We finally gathered up the courage to go back into the chaotic black hole known as Ikea last Wednesday to purchase a table. We picked out one that folds up to a normal size during the week, but can turn into a monster surface for crafting – yay Swedish engineering! Okay, so the blanket isn’t very manly, but it had cute frogs and it’s really soft. I’m loving the minke fabric and the simplicity of this tutorial here that I found while reading this blog that I regularly follow. What did people do before the internet?

The baby shower/cookout was a success and I ate a ton of delicious food (which turns out will be one of the themes of the weekend, but more on that in a minute).

Christine opening baby Levi’s presents!

At the cookout some of the second year residents mentioned going to Bite of Seattle the next day and I decided to tag along. We only get like 4 weeks of summer here, so I’m determined to make the most of it.

Bite of Seattle is basically a huge food festival and it was downtown at Seattle Center near the Space Needle. Food ranged from gourmet sampling bites from local restaurants:

“The Alley” menu featuring food from all these restaurants – for only $10!

The German bread pudding dumpling in garlic butter sauce at the top of the plate was my absolute favorite followed by the steak salad in a close second.

To the other extreme of delicious, greasy Fair food:

Deep fried nutella and strawberry sandwiches

After indulging in some awesome food and enjoying several hours of sunshine with the second year residents I headed home and found that new large table with the sewing machine calling out my crafty side. I had seen some really pretty Liberty-esque fabric at the craft store when I had gone to purchase material to make Levi’s baby blanket and so feeling ambitious I went back. Also I thought Levi’s new big sister, the adorable Iris probably could use a blanket too so she doesn’t use her new little brother’s one.

I wanted a small bag I could put things in (toiletries, headphones, etc) when I went to the gym on campus but hadn’t quite gotten around to buying one yet. In my browsing of the internets I’d come across a few really good tutorials for cute ones, but since I’m inept (read: lazy) at the actual pinning of things on Pinterest, I’d lost them. Fortunately Google and I are good friends and I found a couple of great ones here and here, but ultimately ended up following this one since I wanted a zipper pull.  She laminated the lining fabric which I’ll do next time, but didn’t want to make a third trip to the fabric store this week.

I thought it turned out cute:

See what I mean about the fabric? Doesn’t it make you want to make something?? The inside is lined with a coordinating, more busy pattern. Also not to brag, but that bag has both a handle and a zipper pull. Oh yeah.

This was my second time putting a zipper into something and I must say it was easier than the first one (that was into a skirt and I didn’t know how to use the zipper foot at the time). Either I’m getting better or (more likely) just getting better at picking my projects. I need to get better at the actual sewing so I can make myself some bigger clothes after eating all this good Seattle food!

A round up of things I made this weekend (I couldn’t decide if Iris would like pink or purple better so I went for both):

That second bag is going to my little sister taking the Tennessee Bar this week! Good luck Rachie!!

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