Yay! Real Summer!

I love my new co-residents and I’m so glad we finally started seeing patients this week!

Janice, Kat, myself and Bri squeezed into the car on the way to GME training

I think we’ve probably collected enough badges though…

One for the Dental School, a pass card for the Center, an employee AND a student ID for UW and a pass card and badge for Seattle Children’s and one to swipe into the computer system. Whew! My lanyard is getting heavy!

It’s been cold here. And poor Jeff, I complain about it a lot to him. I’ve been consoling myself that people say it begins to warm up after the 4th of July, but I mean – it’s July! C’mon! We have to wait that long for it to be warm? Also, I know everyone else in the country has been in quite the heatwave and while it sounds wrong to say I’m jealous of 103oF temperatures… I’m kinda jealous.

So Monday, going home from work, this was the temperature:

Haha, this is in the spirit of everyone else’s pictures on Facebook showing 100+ degree temperatures.

But then the 4th of July came and so did the warmth!

We celebrated with a cookout at Kat and Matt’s with all the 1st year residents and our families. Yay for delicious potluck food! Afterwards Jeff and I caught the fireworks show down on Lake Union which was spectacular.

Friday night we had a special surprise when my mom’s cousin Roy and his lovely wife Nell stopped in Seattle on their way to an Alaskan cruise. We met up with them downtown and had a lovely dinner at Elliot’s Oyster House near Pike Place market. Unfortunatly the market was closed, but we drove them by the famous Public Market sign and the original Starbucks. It was great to catch up with them over delicious seafood and compare our cross-country trip with the one they made to California in the late 60’s. Have fun in Alaska! Let us know what we need to see when we eventually get to go!

Today, inspired by the warm weather and cloudless skies I talked Jeff into going kayaking. Outdoorsy-ness + water sports = so Seattle, right? We went to Aqua Verde down in the U-district which is this cute cafe that rents kayaks and paddle boards in addition to serving up some delicious smelling food.

I’ve known how to canoe forever and a long time ago when Jeff and I first started dating we went on a trip down the Clinch River in Tennessee when he came to visit one summer. At the time he was not super thrilled about that trip and this was compounded by the fact that I wasn’t exactly doing my fair share of the paddling because I was busy steering instead. In all fairness we were going downstream so I didn’t really need to. It was supposed to be a relaxing canoe ride, but I haven’t convinced him to get into a watercraft with me since.

Vintage us

So today I was surprised when I suggested kayaking and he was on board with the idea (pun so intended). We ambitiously headed towards Lake Washington, but soon realized that we’re not the best kayakers. This was made more difficult by the fact that kayaks steer using peddles inside the boat, something that was hard to get used to and I kept over compensating. That and everyone else in Seattle thought it would be a great day to be on the water. After an hour or so paddling around and avoiding being hit by the many motorized craft, we abandoned our plan to make it all the way to the Lake and headed in. Also I got super sea sick.

It was a little disappointing because I thought it would be much calmer and more fun than it actually was. The choppy water combined with the larger boats made being out there in a kayak a little unnerving. But I’m so proud that we tried! We’re just not boat people. We might dress like boat people and try to be preppy like boat people, but its just not for us. Now we can mark water sports off our list of things to do in Seattle and Jeff can rest soundly that I won’t try to convince him to get back in a paddle driven craft for at least another 9 years.

We rounded out our first weekend of summer by grabbing some delicious sushi and gelato down in Wallingford.

Gelato from the Fainting Goat – yum!

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