Exploring our own backyard

Its been a great weekend here in Seattle!

Friday night Jeff and I were invited along with all the other first year residents to the Pediatric Department’s graduation. Healthcare residencies usually begin and end their years around July 1st, so that’s why the “late” graduation for them and my “early” beginning to residency. It was held down on Lake Union at McCormick & Schmick’s and was a very special glimpse into the close knit nature of the program. The first years and some of our significant others commandeered a table towards the edge of the room and it was a great chance for us to celebrate surviving our first week and say farewell to the older residents, many of whom we met at the interview.

First year residents!
Kat, myself, Christine, Bri, Janice and Jim

Ian, Matt and Jeff planning the matching tattoos they’re going to get. Poor guys are going to have to spend a lot of time supporting Bri, Kat and I!

On Saturday morning Jeff and I walked to the Trader Joe’s down in the U-District. About five minutes into the walk it began to rain, but we decided to keep going since well, it seems like its always raining here and we were determined to be true Seattlites and ignore it. Problem was, I don’t think this was the typical “Seattle rain” which is more of a mist, but an actual meteorologic rain in which we got absolutely soaked. Despite the deluge, we made it home with all our bags of Trader Joe’s goodness (which by the way sells liquor here!!) and our in apartment washer/dryer took care of our clothes. Of course two hours later the sun came out and we were treated to a gorgeous Seattle sunny afternoon.

I took advantage of it for a quick run down to Gas Works Park a little over a mile and a half south of here. In addition to some great old machinery that they’ve turned into public art the park offers phenomenal views of the city across Lake Union. I raved about it so much that today Jeff and I both walked down there to enjoy the sunshine and an outdoor band. There were a ton of families out and we spent a few minutes watching the seaplanes take off and land on the water.

View of the old Gas Works from the top of a large, artificially made mound.

View of the Seattle skyline across Lake Union

Dog chasing a frisbee

I think the thing that has surprised me most about the weather here is not the rain, I was mentally prepared for the rain, but the cold! The high here today is in the low 60’s and that’s pretty much where it has stayed this weekend. People we’ve spoken with keep alleging that there is sun and warmth that come in summer and when I remind them that the solstice and official start have already happened they clarify that they’re taking about July, August and September. Here’s hoping for a warm up soon!

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