Last First Day!

Started my first day of work/school here at Seattle’s Center for Pediatric Dentistry! I’m so fortunate to work with some amazing faculty, staff and co-residents!

Our day started off with a 200 question exam – not what I was anticipating. Seeing however that we compare the results of today’s test with one we take at the end of residency I’m chalking my probable poor results up to leaving me a lot of room for improvement. A lot of the exam was syndromes which made me think back to a book I read sometime in high school,聽Genome by Matt Ridley. My sister recently began re-reading it as a way to procrastinate studying for the Bar, so maybe that’s why it was at the fore front of my mind – but I’m pretty sure I got one or two questions right by remembering parts of that book I read (ohgoodlordhasitbeenthatlong?) 11 years ago. I downloaded it again to listen to while running (pretty sure school’s going to give me enough reading to do in my spare time) and I forgot how much I loved it. That book is one of the major reasons I went into science and not political science a la Rory Gilmore. Once you get past the first chapter or two that pares down the whole of genetic research into聽codons are like words and聽are made up of聽bases that are like letters analogies that either want to make your head spin if you need a refresher or skin crawl if its too dumbed down, the book begins to describe genes and their effects in 23 chapters (one chapter per chromosome, hehe, clever). It’s brilliant and a good read even if you’re not a sciencey person.

After a full day of orienteering we met up at the other end of Magnuson Park and had a lovely cook out with the residents, some attendings and their families.

Sculpture project in Magnuson Park – “From Swords to Plowshares”

My co-residents and I have all met once before. Oddly enough we were all part of the first interview group at UW (and clearly the best one), so it was wonderful to see everyone again on this side of the application process!

Best Class Ever 馃榾

From left to right: Janice from Vancouver, BC; Christine from UW; Bri from UW; 聽myself; Kat from Oregon and Jim from Michigan. Bri and I are in the 3 year MSD/MPH program and the rest are in various two year programs. I’m so excited to start the next few years with them!

I complain about the cold a lot here to Jeff. When I started school this morning the weather was 54, by far the coldest first day of school I’ve ever had. Especially when that first day happens to be in June! The great thing though about Seattle is that it stays light for a very long time here in the evenings – so much so that at 8:30 I went for a run around Greenlake and not only were there hoards of people out, it was almost complete daylight out. I know I’m going to pay for this quirk of the earth’s axis tilt in the winter, but I love it right now!

Evening run on Greenlake

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