New Jersey to North Carolina

Initial odometer reading: 166060

So long New Jersey!

These past two weeks I’ve been in New Jersey helping Jeff to clear out his apartment, pare down his clothes and sell what we could of his furniture (because let’s be honest – no one really wants that $15 couch we bought at the thrift store 5 years ago). After work on Thursday I picked him up and we headed south.

Our first stop was Ocean City so we could take a picture on the Shore so that this journey really could be “from sea to shining sea”.

Starting our journey at the Atlantic!

We passed through New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, D.C. and Virginia before finally crossing the North Carolina state line somewhere around midnight. Horrible traffic and lane closures in the D.C. and Richmond areas delayed us over two hours. Nothing is more frustrating than sitting in traffic at 11pm for no discernible reason. I’m going to try and take pictures of all the state line signs as we cross them – obviously this will be easier in some places than in others and much better when we’re making the crossings during the day. Here’s our collection so far:

We’ll keep you updated as our journey progresses!

The ladies who took our picture on the beach said we needed a kissing picture, so we leave you with this:

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